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Business Coaching To Create Success

SCG Growth Solutions mission is to insure that our clients overcome the horrendous odds shown below. That, in fact, our client is viable and highly profitable long after its contemporaries are long forgotten.

Growth Solutions targets companies that have been in operation for at least one year to five years. The idea is to aid companies that are in their early formative years. Our goal is to help those companies avoid the pitfalls that doom the vast majority of businesses to ultimate failure.


Failed businesses within the first year


Failed businesses within the first 5 years


Failed businesses after 10 years

Getting Started

The first question one should ask themselves before starting a business is: Why am I doing this? What is it I am trying to accomplish?

Stu Herigodt, a veteran marketing executive is the COO of Growth Solutions. Stu’s background includes directing award winning advertising while with the iconic advertising agency, BBDO. He later served as head of the New York office of OAS, the outdoor advertising industry’s major sales representative organization. He was also the company’s Director of Marketing and worked closely with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. His efforts led to the creation of tens of millions of dollars in new business.

Small Businesss Survival Manual

Most consulting firms focus on only one or two of the challenges faced by most businesses. SCG Growth Solutions, on the other hand, helps insure a client’s success by offering solutions in all five problem areas. Undoubtedly, the most neglected of the problem areas listed above is number five: accountability.

Business Planning

Showing you how to create an integrated marketing and promotion plan

Unlock Your Success

Helping to create a system that ensures a positive, sustainable, repeatable customer experience

Financial Growth

Developing a sound financial profile in order to insure capital stability

Unique Approach

We know that Growth Solutions can help grow and sustain your business. Contact us for a Free, no strings attached assessment. We look forward to serving you.