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About SCG Growth Solutions for Businesses

Stu Herigodt, a veteran marketing executive is the COO of Growth Solutions. Stu’s background includes directing award winning advertising while with the iconic advertising agency, BBDO. He later served as head of the New York office of OAS, the outdoor advertising industry’s major sales representative organization. He was also the company’s Director of Marketing and worked closely with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. His efforts led to the creation of tens of millions of dollars in new business.

He later owned and successfully operated two full service advertising firms for more than two decades: Herigodt Advertising and Houston Billboard. Over that period, the companies worked with hundreds of small businesses. That invaluable experience provided the knowledge and insight that has led to the development of a system that will sustain and grow your business.

The company is also creating a strategic alliance with a full service funding company. This partnership will insure that Growth Solutions’ clients receive the best financial guidance available.

At any given time the company takes on no more than a few clients in order to insure that those selected enterprises receive the maximum attention needed. Growth Solutions initial fees are extremely modest. The company’s philosophy is to share later in their client’s success…only if Growth Solutions’ efforts have contributed to that success.

We know that Growth Solutions can help grow and sustain your business. Call us for a Free, no strings attached meeting. We look forward to serving you.