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Why SCG Growth Solutions?

The birth of wisdom begins when one realizes how little one knows. If that is the case, then it follows that when beginning a venture, enlist partners who bring a needed expertise to the venture.
When it comes to LEDs we didn’t need to search…he was with us from the beginning. Dr. San Wang, PhD., is a renowned expert in LEDs. His expertise extends to not only the technology, but in sourcing as well. Dr. Wang was born in Taiwan. He received his doctorate in industrial engineering from Ohio State University. He has spent almost three decades consulting with major LED manufacturers. During this time he has built relationships with the best manufacturers, which provides the ability for SCG Growth Solutions to deal directly with the source rather than the middle men that inhabit the distribution chain. The result represents a significant price advantage that we will pass on to you, our customer.

Why LED?

The jury is in: LEDs are definitely superior in all areas. Compared to CFLs and mercury vapor lighting there is no contest. LEDs are:

  • Much more efficient. There effective life span is measured in years as opposed to months for the competition.
  • Safer. Fragile CFLs contain poisonous mercury. LEDs are virtually indestructible and contain only inert, non-toxic materials.
  • True colors. The lighting emitted mimics nature, without the distortions inherent in other types of lighting.

LEDs only downside is the initial investment. But, when their longevity and cost of replacement, labor and down time are factored in, the return on investment (ROI), more than compensates.

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