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How This Works

How Do We Help You Plan This Promotion?

In addition to creating the video that you’ve just seen, SCGGS, as project manager, took on the following responsibilities:

  • Design a state of the art, high definition, streaming video scoreboard that is similar to those used at college stadium. The scoreboard in the video is the result.
  • Source out the scoreboard’s major components including the screen, the electronics and the programming required to broadcast football, soccer, and track and field.
  • Sub-contract the fabrication, erection and installation of the scoreboard.
  • Create a revenue model that will pay off the cost of the scoreboard in less than four years.
  • Create a marketing program.
  • Solicit advertising customers.

Our original Scoreboard design featured a screen that was half the size of the present 384 square foot screen. It also had 30% less resolution. Because of SCGGS long standing relationships with the Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers, we can now provide the larger, sharper screen at the same price as the original design.

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