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Why Scoreboards???

Imagine the emotions, excitement and the raw enthusiasm in the packed stands attending a Texas High School football game. It’s Friday Night Lights on steroids, with thousands upon thousands of fans, moms, dads and students cheering for the home team…or their cross-town opponents.

Here’s an opportunity that will provide you with the chance to reach thousands of potential customers…a captive audience, not for minutes…but for hours. Where else can you expose thousands of your local prospects to your story, not once, but 8 to 12 times during the course of a game?

SCG Growth Solutions has developed a new scoreboard, which features a very high resolution, LED streaming video screen. The screen is capable of broadcasting play by play, up close and in real time. That same dynamism can broadcast your TV commercials, with the same clarity…only seventy times larger than the largest TVs available. Like a TV, it’s a magnet for the audience’s attention, because it’s the scoreboard, keeping track of the downs, time, score and most of all, the action on the field.

By participating in this program, you are also demonstrating your support for the school, the athletic program and the local community. Here is how it works: Imagine, if you will, that we have created a program similar to that used by the major networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and ESPN, as well as the NFL. Their broadcasts include: Game sponsors, live spot announcements, spot advertisers and static game signage.
That is precisely what we have done: Game sponsorship, spot advertising and static LED backlit signage. What follows is an explanation of each program and what each program includes.


The full game sponsorship consists of a minimum of three broadcast advertisements per quarter, plus the half-time show. In addition, the sponsor will receive several live announcements throughout the game, such as: “The game is brought to you by _______________makers of _____________.”
There will be a maximum of three sponsors per quarter and for the half-time show.

The sponsors will be required to make a three year commitment to retain their sponsorship. The major benefit for the sponsor will be that the rates will be frozen for the duration of the contract. The quoted rate will cover the entire year. This means that in addition to the football games, plus potential play-off appearances scheduled at the stadium, the scoreboard will be in operation for soccer, track and field, cheerleader tryouts, band performances and whatever other events are staged in the stadium.

Spot Advertisements:

ust as the name implies, spot advertisements will be identical to commercials seen and heard in broadcast media. Full game spot advertisers will be guaranteed a minimum of two commercials per quarter as well as the half-time show. All other spot advertiser’s commercials will be scattered throughout the game. Rates quoted are for the football season only.

Static Screens:

In addition to the giant interactive, high resolution, live action screen, the scoreboard will include four 8.0’ x 8.0’ static, back-lit, LED signs. This signage is designed to catch the eye and is far superior to ordinary illuminated billboards. Rates quoted are for a full year.


For those clients that do not have either digital TV ads or print material available for the giant screen or the static backlit LED screen, SCG Growth Solutions can provide that service. SCG Growth Solutions, can provide results oriented copy and produce same for both the giant screen and the backlit screen. The cost for this service will be a nominal $95.00 per hour for time and 25% over its cost of production.

Stu Herigodt

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