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Small Business Survival Manual

Mission Statement

96% of all small businesses do not survive for ten years. In fact, 80% are no longer in existence by year five. SCG Growth Solutions mission is to insure that our clients overcome the aforementioned horrendous odds. That, in fact, our client is viable and highly profitable long after its contemporaries are long forgotten.

Growth Solutions targets companies that have been in operation for at least one year to five years. The idea is to aid companies that are in their early formative years. Our goal is to help those companies avoid the pitfalls that doom the vast majority of businesses to ultimate failure.

What follows is our formula for success.
But first, let’s look at some of the reasons most enterprises fail:

  • The founder lacks a clear vision of the enterprise’s long term goals or a way to achieve them.
  • The founder fails to create a system that runs the business instead of his devoting 100% of his time to day by day operations, eventually facing burn out.
  • The founder fails to develop a clear business plan and an organizational chart that defines and assigns specific duties and responsibilities.
  • Founder fails to identify and promote a clear benefit to potential customers.
  • Founder fails to establish long term sources of capital.
  • Founder is tired of working for others and is simply “buying a job”.

SCG Growth Solutions focuses on companies that are established, but need help in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Creating a system that insures a positive, sustainable, repeatable customer experience.
  2. Creating a system that runs the business instead of the owner devoting his time 24/7.
  3. Creating an integrated marketing and promotion system.
  4. Creating a sound financial profile in order to insure capital stability.
  5. Providing a system that requires performance accountability of both officers and employees.
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